Course Description

Capture One 12 is a high end, complete image editing software solution: you can use it to import your RAW files from the camera, organise them, perform lens corrections, make luminosity adjustments and color grade your images. Using real-life examples, you’ll learn how to put Capture One 12 to work solving common photo editing issues, including exposure correction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, midtone contrast enhancement and color correction. By experimenting with this intuitive software, you’ll discover a variety of fresh ideas and achieve gorgeous, unexpected results in no time. Best of all, the whole process is non-destructive, as you’re developing a RAW file — a digital negative.

You Will Learn

  • How to take advantage of the benefits of shooting in a RAW format

  • Easy installation and setup of Quick Capture One 12’s free trial download on your computer

  • How to start your RAW edits by selecting the optimal Base Characteristic Curve

  • Basic Lens Corrections: Chromatic Aberration

  • Smart methods of performing global and selective luminosity adjustments

  • The best ways to work with layers, standard masks and the Luma Range Mask tool

  • Correcting color temperature and creating a mood with the White Balance tool

  • Proven color grading techniques with Curves (RGB & Luma Curve), Color Balance and Color Editor tools

  • Keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your workflow using Capture One styles, intelligent copying and how to reapply adjustments to multiple images

  • Stylish matt finish effect and custom vignette application

Sharpen Your Skills

Shadow And Highlight Detail Recovery

You’ll learn how to easily and effectively create pixel-precise masks based on luminosity range with the Luma Range tool. You’ll then take it to the next level by combining these masks with the High Dynamic Range tool and Curves to precisely recover lost detail in over or underexposed areas.

Powerful Luminosity Adjustments With Levels

Correct luminosity range with one click using the underrated auto functionality of the Levels tool. Learn remapping black, grey and white points to achieve the perfect balance of lights and shadows in your artwork.

Effortless Color Grading

Turn color grading into an intuitive and insightful process using Capture One 12. You’ll get expert insight into making color adjustments with Curves, the Color Balance tool and the powerful and super precise Color Editor. You’ll also marvel at the results you’ll get by working with Layers and Color Editor in concert for optimised control and flexibility.

Localised Texture Enhancements And Sharpening

Add depth to your images through the skilful structure enhancements using the incredibly versatile and flexible Clarity tool. You’ll also learn how to add definition to your photos by enhancing contrast within a specific tonal range.

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Complete Photo Edit: Chris Part 1, Marsascala sunrise

Watch the complete start-to-finish edit for this portrait of Chris taken at golden hour in Malta and broaden your creative skills. This image gives you all you need to master shadow detail recovery with Luma Range masking, luminosity adjustments, color grading and more.

Complete Photo Edit: Chris Part 2, Marsascala sunrise

Working with the same subject and setting but a different image, you’ll discover the power of Styles and Presets. In this hands-on process, you’ll learn how to copy a complete set of adjustments applied to one photo and reapply them to a new image in the same series. Together we’ll fine-tune the adjustments to match the new frame and achieve perfect results in no time.

Complete Photo Edit: Upper Mustang Region, Nepal

Learn how to realise your artistic vision by putting into action all the skills you’ve gained during the previous edits and enjoy exploring the creative possibilities. You’ll bring out all the potential hidden in the initial, flat RAW file by creating depth and contrast in the frame and adding just the right color and light to achieve striking results.

We love helping photographers improve their skills

Real Students, Real Results

“Good use of tools, well explained with the rationale behind the adjustments explained as well as how the tools work. Even as an experienced Capture One user, I found the personal approach to processing the image, in particular the colour grading, valuable and a bit different to the more " How capture one works" courses”

Graham Smith

“Excelente, great”

Alvaro Echeverria

What's Included

  • • 4 hours of in-depth content for beginning users

  • • Complete Capture One 12 session containing source RAW files, all layers and adjustments for you to study


  • 1
  • 2

    2. Fine Art Portrait: Charles - Edit 1

    • Edit 1 - Background layer basic adjustments

    • Edit 1 - Color grading with Curve (RGB , Luma)

    • Edit 1 - Color grading with Curve (R, G, B)

    • Edit 1 - Color Balance

    • Edit 1 - Color Editor

    • Edit 1 - Clarity adjustments

    • Edit 1 - Matte finish

    • Edit 1 - Final touches: vignette

  • 3

    3. Fine Art Outdoor Portrait: Chris - Edit 2

    • Edit 2 - Introduction

    • Edit 2 - Luminosity adjustments

    • Edit 2 - Shadow detail recovery with Luma Mask

    • Edit 2 - Shadow detail recovery global

    • Edit 2 - Highlight detail recovery with Luma Mask

    • Edit 2 - Matt finish

    • Edit 2 - Clarity adjustments

    • Edit 2 - Color Balance

    • Edit 2 - Final touches: local luminosity adjustments

    • Edit 2 - Reapplying set of adjustments to a new image

  • 4

    4. Mountainscape: Upper Mustang, Nepal - Edit 3

    • Edit 3 - Introduction

    • Edit 3 - Chromatic aberration correction

    • Edit 3 - Base Characteristics

    • Edit 3 - Local Luminosity adjustments - Sky

    • Edit 3 - Global Luminosity adjustments

    • Edit 3 - Local Contrast adjustments

    • Edit 3 - Global Shadow & Highlight detail recovery

    • Edit 3 - Clarity adjustments

    • Edit 3 - Color Balance - Gold Tones

    • Edit 3 - Color Contrast

    • Edit 3 - Luminosity Contrast

    • Edit 3 - Final touches, sky white balance

  • 5


    • Download assets here


I’ve put my heart into creating Digital Art Classes unique, educational resources. I’m sure you will benefit from them as an artist and photographer. But I stand by my guarantee and if you spend time with any of my courses and decide it's not helping, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your full fee. No questions asked. No risk for you.
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  • No prior knowledge of Capture One 12 is necessary, I will explain all the techniques in a simple way

  • Capture One 12 Pro trial 30 day free version is more than enough to complete the course

  • We will work with NIKON Raw files (.NEF) provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster!

  • Capture One Fuji / Sony is NOT COMPATIBLE with NIKON RAW files provided with the course