Raw Development, Image Editing and Asset Management

11 total hours of self-paced study

This in-depth online course is designed to help photographers in creating professional, impactful images fast. If you want to make the most of your RAW files and optimize your photo editing workflow - this online course will take you through all the stages: Organizing, Raw Developing and Non-Destructive Editing to striking photos. I have been in a photography business for over a decade, and in that time I have both failed through making avoidable mistakes due to a simple lack of knowledge, and also seen great successes through implementing the right strategies. In this course, I have put together everything that wasn't there for me when I first started out to create 'the course I wish I'd had' when I started - so that you can take what works for yourself without wasting your time on painful mistakes.

What's Included

  • 11 Hours Of Video

    In-depth content for beginning & experienced users. Shot in 4K.

  • 62 Chapters

    Raw Development, Image Editing and Asset Management +PDF CHEAT SHEET: "7 Proven Steps to Perfect Your Photos with Capture One".

  • 4 Complete Capture One Sesions


    90 min Hands-On Training: 4 Complete Capture One 20 sessions containing source RAW files, all layers and adjustments for you to study.

Full Course Contents


  • 1

    PART ONE: Getting Started

  • 2

    PART TWO: Organizing

  • 3

    PART THREE: Editing

    • Overview of the Editing Module

    • 4 Advantages of Non-Destructive Workflow

    • DOWNLOADABLE: 7 Proven Steps to Perfect Your Photos with Capture One 20

    • NEW LESSON: Before & After Tool

    • Setting the Foundation with the Base Characteristics Tool

    • Getting the White Balance Right

    • How to Use the Levels Tool to Enhance Contrast

    • Color Grading with the Levels Tool

    • Mastering the Exposure Tool

    • Recovering Highlight & Shadow Details with the High Dynamic Range Tool

    • Enhancing Your Images with the Clarity Tool

    • Advanced Adjustments with the Curves Tool

    • Color Editor - the Basic Mode

    • Color Editor - the Advanced Mode

    • Color Editor - the Skin Tone Mode

    • How to Use the Crop Tool

    • Rotation, Flip & Keystone

    • Enhance the Details with Sharpening

    • How to Add a Film Grain to an Image

    • How to Apply Vignetting

    • The Three Step Process for Noise Reduction

    • The Lens Correction Tool

    • Cleaning Your Images with the Spot Removal Tool

    • Healing & Cloning with the Layers Tool

    • NEW LESSON: Retouching with the New Healing & Cloning Brushes

    • Black & White Conversion and the Split Tones Tab

    • Master Color with the Color Balance Tool

    • Applying Local Adjustments with the Layers Tool

    • Masking Basics: the Brush Mask

    • Advanced Masking: Auto Mask, Fill In, Refine Mask

    • How to Create Gradient Masks

    • How to Create a Mask from Selected Color Range

    • What is the Luma Mask Tool and How to Use It

  • 4

    PART FOUR: Batch Editing & Exporting

    • Overview of the Batch Editing, Styles & Exporting Module

    • Copying Edits with the Adjustments Clipboard

    • Saving and Reusing Adjustments with Styles and Presets

    • Exporting Images with Process Recipes

    • Round-trip to Photoshop

  • 5

    Capture One 21 Update

  • 6

    BONUS #1: Hands-On Training

    • Overview of the Hands-On Training Module

    • EDIT 1: How to Create a Timeless Black and White Portrait

    • DOWNLOADABLE: Edit 1 Resources

    • EDIT 2: How to Create a Vintage Noir Portrait

    • DOWNLOADABLE: Edit 2 Resources

    • EDIT 3: How to Color Grade a Seascape

    • DOWNLOADABLE: Edit 3 Resources

    • EDIT 4: How to Develop & Color Grade a Female Portrait

    • DOWNLOADABLE: Edit 4 Resources

  • 7

    BONUS #2: Photoshop Complete Skin Retouch with Dodge & Burn Method

    • BONUS video material

  • 8


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Is this course for me?

  • I have never worked with Capture One before, is this course for me?

    Absolutely! I have included the "Getting Started" section, you will be up and running in a few minutes. Every concept, tool and technique I teach is covered in depth.

  • Can I ask questions if I'll need help?

    Yes! You will be able to ask me questions under every video. I will be there for you whenever you need my support or extra explanation.

  • Is there a time limit to the course enrollment?

    No. You will get a lifetime access to all the materials in the course. You can watch the videos online from any device or download them and study even without WiFi access.

  • Can I get a refund if the course is not for me?

    Yes. All my courses come with 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I’ve put my heart into creating Digital Art Classes unique, educational resources. I’m sure you will benefit from them as an artist and photographer. But I stand by my guarantee and if you spend time with any of my courses and decide it's not helping, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your full fee. No questions asked. No risk for you.

  • Any requirements?

    Capture One 20 Pro trial 30 day free version is more than enough to complete the course. We will work with NIKON (.NEF) and Fujifilm (.RAF) Raw files provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster! Capture One Fuji / Sony is NOT COMPATIBLE with NIKON RAW files provided with the course.

  • What about course updates?

    Yes, the course currently covers Capture One 21. With every Capture One update I am publishing new lessons for every new feature or tool added to the software.

Real Students, Real Results

We love helping photographers improve their skills

“Thank you for this. You are truly an amazing lady. Now I really understand sessions. I have never owned a course where the customer service is so responsive. You should be commended.”

Patrick Haney

“Fantastic program, I've learnt a lot about color grading - this was the weakest point in my image editing process. Thanks.”

Lisa Stefanova

“This course is all you need to get professional, high quality images. I had some experience with Lightroom and Camera Raw editors, but never fully committed to any of them. Capture One is for me a complete game changer. This course helped me to systematise my knowledge, improve my skills and at last produce consistently quality photos. Still learning, but with this course it is finally a clear path.”

Mark Derricsson

“Finally useful course that helps taming the C1 monster! Well structured, plenty of detailed step by step instructions, knowledgeable instructor. She has a bit of an accent, but it doesn't bother me personally. Great supporting RAW files.”

Scott Tailor