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Back in the day, toning black and white images involved experimenting in a darkroom with hazardous chemicals — which was worth it for the mood-enhancing, emotion-evoking results. Today, we have Photoshop to achieve the same effects faster, easier and without the need to inhale toxins. In this hands-on course, you’ll start with a neutral monochrome image and discover the endless possibilities available with skilful digital colouring, You’ll apply stunning toning effects using 10 handcrafted Photoshop Actions that also allow you to roll out complex colourisation across multiple images. Make your images nostalgic and dreamy with creamy sepia tones or create cool, ambient vibes by injecting blue tones. Get the washed-out look or go for deep, saturated tones. It’s your image… your story… and your creative freedom when you master the art of colouring your black and white photos.

You Will Learn

  • Principles behind effective black and white toning processes

  • How to evaluate black and white images in terms of tonal palette

  • Creating and adding a monotone colorisation effect to your images

  • The simplest way to apply a duotone / split tone colorisation effect to your images

  • Automatic toning using Photoshop Actions

  • The steps necessary to create a ready-to-print tinted photograph with a colour passe-partout

  • Working in a non-destructive way with the use of most powerful Photoshop techniques and tools

Sharpen Your Skills

Powerful Toning With The Curves Tool

Take advantage of the precision and flexibility offered by the Curves tool, including introducing subtle color cast to selected luminosity ranges in your black and artwork and combining it with Layers and Masks to bring to life your most complex creative visions. It also works fits perfectly as the last stage of any non-destructive workflow.
Powerful Toning With The Curves Tool

Hue & Saturation Method

This technique allows you to effortlessly engage in monotone colorisation. It’s straightforward, quick and simple to learn, and a powerful skill to have as part of your Photoshop toolkit.
Hue & Saturation Method

Color Balance Method

The possibilities of the color toning process is endless, and this sophisticated technique helps you achieve eye-grabbing results and uniquely crafted imagery.
Color Balance Method

The Duo Tone Photoshop Method

Explore the wide selection of ready-to-use presets available in Photoshop. This technique allows you to create images of varying complexities: one-color (monotone), two-color (duotone), three-color (tritone) and four-color (quadratone).
The Duo Tone Photoshop Method

Color Fill Adjustment Layer Method

Play around with this super easy toning technique to turn your black and white photos into gorgeous monotone artwork.
Color Fill Adjustment Layer Method

The Gradient Map Toning Method

The Gradient Map Adjustment Layer is a terrific secret weapon in the toning process. This effective shortcut allows you to create interesting duotone artwork variations in seconds.
The Gradient Map Toning Method

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Display Your Favourite Print

Your best artwork deserves to be properly framed and put on display. Try out this simple photo project and create subtle monochrome print with stylish passe-partout effect. Replicate the technique with your own portraiture artwork, frame it and enjoy your own private photo gallery. Hint: It works perfectly as a gift too — just be ready for the mass orders that are sure to follow...
Display Your Favourite Print

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Real Students, Real Results

“Excellent presentation. On my way to experimenting in ways I did not know about. Thank you for the actions included in this course.”

Wanda SandersWanda Sanders

“One of the most professionally presented courses I have taken. The style is such that the presenter really could be sitting right next to you and gently discussing and demonstrating the possibilities you now have before you. Inspirational. The set of pre-recorded actions will provide confidence for the beginner.”

Brian GeorgeBrian George

“Totally enjoy her meticulous and organised teaching style ... great learning. Thank you!”

Annemarie ClintonAnnemarie Clinton


Madeleine FarryMadeleine Farry

What's Included

  • • 2 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF files for you to edit along with the videos

  • • 10 handcrafted black and white toning Photoshop Actions


Master the Art of Colouring Black and White Photographs


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