Course Description

Is making your own beautifully designed photo book a dream of yours? There is no better way to present your portfolio in a professional manner and also archive your best work. But for most people, that’s where the dream ends. They don’t know where to begin, how to edit their work and how to design and publish their photography portfolio. This course puts an end to the confusion and shares the proven, systematic technique from concept to coffee table album that I’ve used to self-publish more than 30 photo books. I take you through step-by-step using the self-publishing platform Blurb, which has a ton of gorgeous, downloadable templates that you can use to easily create a professional quality photo book.

You Will Learn

  • How to self-publish photo books that look like something you’d buy for your coffee table — and that you can distribute through Blurb, Amazon or Apple's iBook store if desired

  • Professional techniques for visual storytelling based on carefully sequenced images

  • The easy way: a fun and quick photo book design that takes images right from your social media feed with Blurb’s Bookify

  • The fancy way: a simple yet professional way to design and produce a stylish coffee table photobook with Blurb’s BookWright

Sharpen Your Skills

Selecting Images — Work With Printed Thumbnails

Discover how the pros cull their photos to prepare for publication with this simple yet effective technique. You’ll learn the benefits of printing all of your images in a small or even tiny size and working with them in order to get the final set.

Creating A Sequence To Support Your Storyline

Learn how to work on sequencing your photo material. You will be using professional techniques such as pairing, rhythm, rests and repeating motifs.

Design And Self-Publish A Beautiful Photobook

Turn a collection of your most cherished photos into a professional portfolio to last a lifetime. Holding in your hands a self-published photo book that you designed and produced is truly a special feeling. You don’t have to be a publishing pro to produce a polished, inviting book of your artwork for others — and you — to enjoy.

We love helping photographers improve their skills

Real Students, Real Results

“Excellent course! After this course I was able to work with Bookwright and create my own photo book. Couldn't be more pleased with the course. Thank you!”

Debbie Morrison

“Blends the technical controls with the aesthetics of design and sequencing.”

James B Kelly

“This is complete step by step course that takes you from beginning to print! I love all the details and information presented in this course, I stopped it several times to go back over the work. A lot is covered in this course, I was not able to do it in one sitting due to other obligations. If time is not an issue one can have a book done in a few hours!”

Janelle Harvey

“After reading the title of this course, I thought it was not something that I would consider. After having gone through the first few lectures, I was so captured that I could not stop until I have gone through all the lectures. Again, Kasia's style of delivering is so engaging and makes something which I thought impossible so interesting that I cannot wait to start producing my own Photo Books. Thanks again Kasia for a fantastic course."”

Patrick Cummings

What's Included

  • • 2.5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution JPG files for you to edit along with the videos

  • • 7 hand-crafted Photoshop Actions to support your success in self-publishing


  • 1
  • 2

    Facebook Feed Photobook with Blurb Bookify

  • 3

    Download Resources Here

    • Download Resources Here

  • 4

    Travel Photo Book with Blurb BookWrigh

    • Introduction to BookWright

    • BookWright Setup

    • Selecting the Book Format

    • Edit Your Photos - Work with Printed Thumbnails

    • Deciding on Type of the Photo Book & Specs

    • The BookWright Interface

    • Importing Images to BookWright

    • Title Page Design

    • Creating the Book Structure - Customised Layouts

    • Developing the Content with Customised Layouts

    • Creating a Sequence to Support the Story Line

    • The Cover Design, Overwiew & Export

  • 5

    Course Wrap Up

    • Course Summary

    • Thank you!


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