Course Description

Black and white photography is an art — not just a click of a button that changes a colour image to monochrome. The creative process is a fun and exciting journey that this course, “Dramatic Black & White Photography in the Digital Age,” helps you confidently and efficiently create cinematic, timeless images. Packed with high quality, downloadable supporting materials (14 high resolution TIFF files), this hands-on tutorial provides you with step-by-step edits necessary for you to work effectively, in a non-destructive way, make intelligent creative decisions and get the artistic and dramatic black & white results you desire.

You Will Learn

  • The core principles behind black & white conversion, so you can successfully apply them to your own artwork using a whole range of the most powerful and flexible black & white conversion techniques

  • How to evaluate tonal range in your images with the Histogram tool and use it as a basic reference in your workflow

  • Master the most effective and flexible photo editing Photoshop tool: Curves

  • The best ways to fix common issues in black & white photographs, such as "flat" images, washed-out sky, eyes obscured by shadows, low contrast, lack of definition and lack of details and texture

  • Pro tips to blend multiple adjustments in a seamless way in one image with help of masking techniques

  • Insights into how to work in non-destructive way with Adjustment Layers — and massively speed up your workflow in the process

  • How RGB additive color model works and advice on how to apply this knowledge to your work

  • Useful techniques to pick out details and, in an intelligent way, sharpen selected areas within the frame

  • Easy and intuitive ways to improve your images by applying targeted adjustments in a few simple steps

Sharpen Your Skills

Simple Monochrome Conversion

Get results fast working with simple “one step” methods of black & white conversion such as Desaturate, Hue/Saturation and Grayscale.
Simple Monochrome Conversion

RGB Model & Photoshop Channels

You’ll learn how to evaluate your images with dedicated Photoshop tools. And you’ll also develop a deep understanding of RGB color mode, its relation to photographic filters and how to use sophisticated methods to perform stunning black & white conversions.
RGB Model & Photoshop Channels

Advanced Black & White Conversion

Explore the range of advanced black & white conversion methods: LAB Color, Hue/Saturation with Adjustment Layer, Twin Hue/Saturation Method, Gradient Map, Channel Mixer, Black & White tool and Adobe Camera RAW Plugin.
Advanced Black & White Conversion

Master Black & White Artwork

Discover the most important components of powerful monochrome artwork: tonal separation between key elements in your image and strong contrast and wide tonal range, including rich shadow and highlight detail.
Master Black & White Artwork

The Histogram & Levels Tools

Learn how to extend tonal range in your images with the Levels tool. Reference the luminosity adjustments with the Histogram to avoid clipping shadows or highlights in your photos.
The Histogram & Levels Tools

Non-Destructive Workflow

You’ll explore combining masks and adjustment layers to achieve your creative vision and maintain great flexibility. Together we’ll create alternative versions of one photo in no time. This also allows you to revisit your artwork in the future and bring new ideas to life with just a few easy adjustments.
Non-Destructive Workflow

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Seven Complete Fine Art Portrait Workflows

Follow the complete start-to-finish portrait edits and boost your creative skills in bringing a fine art look to black & white images. Together we’ll work on maximizing your use of Photoshop, giving you a suite of useful, powerful techniques to choose from. By working hands-on, you’ll enjoy expressing your artistic vision, creating moody, cinematic and timeless black & white images.
Seven Complete Fine Art Portrait Workflows

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Real Students, Real Results

“Wonderful course, starting from basic theory and simple techniques and slowly working up to more advanced methods. The videos walking through several advanced examples step by step were very helpful - in fact I would love more!”

Warren RehmanWarren Rehman

“This course taught me so much! Highly recommended!”

Elizabeth BrownElizabeth Brown

“Very good course with clear and detailed explanations. I really liked it!”

Jorge Perez-MartinezJorge Perez-Martinez

“Excellent course and introduction to Black and White Fine Art Photography Techniques with Photoshop. Very thorough and shows the quick and dirty techniques all the way up to the best practices. The 23 episodes run 2 to 10 minutes, probably 4-5 minutes on average. Note the photographer specializes in "fine art" photography, which is more dramatic than simple portrait or advertising photography. Even if all you want is to shoot family portraits, I think this quick course will allow you to take your work to the next level. Photographer/instructor is clearly an expert and explains everything carefully so that you should get it all. ”

JN (via Amazon Prime)JN (via Amazon Prime)

“Excellent series on black and white! Love Kasia's accent and it was no problem understanding her. It was obvious she knew what she was doing, the techniques used were easy to follow and replicate. I have a very thorough knowledge now of how to edit black and white photos without hesitation. It was very beneficial to go through all the options to convert a photo to black and white. The best part was understanding destructive edits from non-destructive edits and this was made very clear. In addition, the use of curves, levels, channel mixer and sharpening were all techniques that really produced beautiful images. I feel confident I can follow this system and meet my own expectations with black and white photography. I am new to using Photoshop but I am a Lightroom user. I feel confident I can do this after watching this series from Kasia. I would have never found Ms. Zmokla had it not been for Amazon video. I have since gone to her website to find even more videos on different aspects of Photoshop. I look forward to viewing more. Thanks Kasia for sharing your expertise!”

LuAnn Thatcher (via Amazon Prime)LuAnn Thatcher (via Amazon Prime)

“Well explained and at a good pace, gives confidence that you can have a go with your own images.”

Graham SmithGraham Smith

“I love how she goes over the different techniques to build up the reasoning behind the technique she uses.”

Jessica NovilloJessica Novillo

“Well discussed concepts, clear english audio. A deep tour with the color theory and black&white conversion. Several tool can be used for different workflow and good guide for masking and layers. Many examples of complete post processing from source colour image to a black and white converted image. I'm very happy to complete this course, so I can do a b&w conversion much better. 5 stars!!!”

Sergio PedoneSergio Pedone

“Great Photoshop tips and hints. The instructor start from some PS basics, but it's really rewarding to follow with the edit of 7 images. Great course.”

Christian RocqueChristian Rocque

“Clear, non heavy explanation, instructor is very professional, process very reproducible.”

Luis de ZubiriaLuis de Zubiria

What's Included

  • • 4.5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF source files for you to edit along with the videos