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Course description

Are you a black and white photography lover? Immerse yourself in the timeless, cinematic world of black and white images. Gain understanding of the black and white principles - learn why certain images are successful when converted to monochrome while others are suddenly losing their initial impact. 

"Seeing in black and white" is essential to produce meaningful, impressive black and white photographs. If you have tried to simply turn your colour images to monochrome by hitting a single button on your computer, you were most probably disappointed with the results.

Black and white photography is an art. The creative process it involves is an unique journey that unfolds as you progress along the path.

We have designed the "Dramatic Black and White Photography in the Digital Age" course as a map to help you move with confidence and avoid common pitfalls. We know from our own experience how frustrating Photoshop work can be if you play the "trial and error" game.

To start with - this course is packed with high quality supporting materials (14 high resolution TIFF files), they are downloadable and ready for you to use and speed up the learning process. The "hands-on" tutorial part of the course is based on the provided image base, you don't have to waste time searching for suitable images. 

By following along the complete, explained step by step edits you will discover all the ins and outs of the professional black and white creative process. We will teach you how to work effectively, in a non-destructive way, how to take intelligent creative decisions and get the results you always dreamed of.

Join this course, download the supporting files and experience the magic of black and white universe!

Say "good bye" to flat, washed-out photos and learn how in no time achieve dramatic results and amaze your friends, family and clients.

Start enjoying your work with the most effective and powerful Photoshop techniques now!

What will I learn?

  • You will understand the core principles behind b&w conversion and successfully apply them in your own artwork using a whole range of the most powerful and flexible b&w conversion techniques

  • You will learn how to evaluate tonal range in your images with the Histogram Tool and use it as a basic reference in your workflow

  • You will master the most effective and flexible Photoshop tool in terms of photo editing - The Curves Tool

  • You will learn how to fix common issues in photographs such as "flat" images, washed out sky, eyes in the shadow, low contrast, lack of definition, lack of details and texture

  • You will learn how to blend multiple adjustments in a seamless way in one image with help of masking techniques

  • You will be working in "non-destructive" way with Adjustment Layers to massively speed up your workflow

  • You will gain understanding of how RGB additive color model works and apply this knowledge in your work

  • You will learn useful techniques to pick out details and in an intelligent way sharpen selected areas within the frame

  • You will learn how to massively improve your images by applying targeted adjustments in a few simple steps

  • You will achieve stunning results with your images and develop your artistic skills

What Students say?

"Wonderful course, starting from basic theory and simple techniques and slowly working up to more advanced methods. The videos walking through several advanced examples step by step were very helpful - in fact I would love more!"  Warren Rehman


"This course taught me so much! Highly recommended!"  Elizabeth Brown


"very good course with clear and detailed explanations. I really liked it!" Jorge Perez-Martinez


"Sehr gut und anschaulich. Englisch ist einigermaßen Verständlich. Selbst mit nur Grundkenntnissen in englischer Sprache. Man lernt viel. Kann man nur empfehlen." Thomas Lerche


"Explanations very clear and simple!!" Samantha Baldini


"Well explained and at a good pace, gives confidence that you can have a go with your own imges." Graham Smith


"I love how she goes over the different techniques to build up the reasoning behind the technique she uses." Jessica Novillo


"Well discussed concepts, clear english audio. A deep tour with the color theory and black&white conversion. Several tool can be used for different workflow and good guide for masking and layers. Many examples of complete post processing from source colour image to a black and white converted image. I'm very happy to complete this course, so I can do a b&w conversion much better. 5 stars!!!" Sergio Pedone


"Great Photoshop tips and hints. The instructor start from some PS basics, but it's really rewarding to follow with the edit of 7 images. Great course." Christian Rocque


"Is clear, non heavy explanation, instructor is very professional, process very reproducible." Luis de Zubiria


  • Kasia Zmokla

    Instructor Bio:

    Kasia is a fine art photographer, designer and video creator with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. She worked full time for design studios in Poland, Ireland and Malta and independently as an artist, photographer and freelance designer for numerous clients around the world. Her work is displayed internationally including the Asia Contemporary Art Gallery in Singapore. Kasia is a founder of Digital Art Classes where she makes complex concepts easy to grasp. She is also an active contributor to several photo stock agencies including Alamy and Stockimo. Born in Poland. She received her formal training at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland and graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in 2003.

    Kasia Zmokla

    Photographer & Educator

    Kasia Zmokla

Course curriculum

  • 02
    2. Everything You always wanted to know about B&W
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  • 03
    3. Simple One Step B&W Conversion Techniques
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    • "One Step Method" Nr 1: Desaturate
    • "One Step Method" Nr 2: Hue/Saturation
    • "One Step Method" Nr 3: Grayscale
  • 04
    4. Basic Photo Editing Tools to Evaluate your Images
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    • The RGB Color Additive Model
    • The Channels Tool
  • 05
    5. Advanced B&W Conversion Techniques
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  • 06
    6. Master the Most Powerful Editing Tools to Enhance Your Images
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    • The Histogram Tool
    • The Levels Tool
    • The Brightness & Contrast Tool
    • The Curves Tool
  • 07
    7. "Hands-on" Full Edits explained step by step
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    • Josefine
    • Sana
    • Charles
    • Sunrise
    • Simona
    • Chris
    • Hermen
    • Thank you!
  • 08
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    • Download Resources Here

Dramatic Black and White Photography in the Digital Age


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