Course Description

Have you reached the point in your photographic journey when you are great at getting exposure right, your composition skills are first class, your ideas for images are nothing short of stunning, but the final results are still missing the "wow" effect? Everything seems to be correct, you are frustrated and have no idea what can be improved?

I have good news for you - next step to take is going to do with colors and is going to be fun! Colors in your images are a very important element that can make or break the final artwork. Color grading done well can elevate any image and add the final, personal touch. By applying color grading you can convey the mood in the image and you can use color to support and enrich the story you are telling with your images.

The ideal student for this class is anyone who wants to learn how to elevate his work with creative color grading from a reference. If you are staring at Instagram photos and wondering how did they get these colors- after completing this course you will say: "mystery solved"!

Take this course, download the high quality supporting files and learn the easy way of color grading in Photoshop.

You Will Learn

  • The do and don’ts of professional color grading

  • Replicating the color grading from a selected image reference and apply it to a new photo

  • Analysing in depth properties of the reference image

  • Breaking down the image in terms of color grading and to see particular components and their numeric values

  • The specific Photoshop tools to quickly break down the “color code” of the reference image

  • Avoiding typical pitfalls when working on color grading from a reference

Skills You Will Gain

Reference Image In-depth Analysis

Perform a complete reference image analysis which is the first step of any successful color grading. Learn to break down the reference image in terms of fundamental properties such as luminosity, contrast and color.
Reference Image In-depth Analysis

Selective Luminosity Adjustments

Work with the powerful Photoshop’s Curves tool to achieve a perfect starting point before you move into color grading.
Selective Luminosity Adjustments

Working With Histogram Tool

Understanding the Histogram Tool is the basic skill required for any creative photo editing process. Learn how to take advantage from the information it provides and incorporate it into the color grading workflow.
Working With Histogram Tool

Creative Color Grading

Color grading is an unique and creative process, where you as an artist and storyteller have total freedom to express your ideas using color adjustments. Learn how to achieve great results with powerful tone and color enhancements.
Creative Color Grading

Complete Workflow

The course takes an active, hands-on approach. Follow the complete start-to-finish edit for this portrait taken in Malta and expand your creative skills.
Complete Workflow

Easy Color Grading from a Photo Reference in Photoshop

What current students are saying about the course

“Kasia always delivers excellent courses breaking down fundamentals in a clear path to knowledge and Improvement I personally own all of her courses and they have help me tremendously to elevate my photography and post production skills. Nothing but good things to say about this excellent teacher.”

Sandro CabreraSandro Cabrera

“Very informative and finally I have a better understanding of the histogram.”

Clinton PetersClinton Peters

“Very informative course, i was doing it by eye until now, no color picker, no histogram or whatever, maybe i will try doing it your way :) . Thanks.”

Igor RisteskiIgor Risteski

What's Included

  • • 1 hour of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF file for you to edit along with the videos


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    Promo Video
    • Welcome to the Course!
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    Easy Color Grading from a Photo Reference in Photoshop
  • 3
    Color Grading from a Reference in Action
    • Let's Play With Color - Part One
    • Let's Play With Color - Part Two
  • 4
    • Download Resources Here

Easy Color Grading from a Photo Reference in Photoshop


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