Course Description

In this photography video course you will learn the fundamentals of correct exposure with the Exposure Triangle. Getting familiar with the Histogram Tool will let you analyse your camera's meter readings during the photoshoot and in the post production stage. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to start their creative adventure by setting a solid foundation based on understanding exposure's principles.

The course covers fixing a correct exposure with the help of the Exposure Triangle and gives you understanding of the exposure's three variables: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It is designed to teach you to comprehend the relationship between the camera's  exposure settings and the Histogram Tool. We will look at severals examples of Histograms related to photos shot in different lighting conditions. You will learn how to intuitively analyse Histogram's data and how to use it to improve your exposures.

You Will Learn

  • Use the Exposure Triangle to set a Correct Exposure in your DSLR camera

  • Work with the Aperture settings to create desired Depth of Field

  • Adjust the Shutter speed to introduce “motion blur” or freeze the movement

  • Set the ISO for optimal image quality

  • Efficiently use the Histogram Tool to improve the exposure

Skills You Will Gain

Perfect Your Exposures With Histogram Tool

Know the difference between a “low-key” and underexposed image. In-depth explanations followed by photo examples - evaluating your exposures with the Histogram has never been easier! Once you learn how to use Histogram - you will be surprised that you were able do live without it. It is there for you to make your life easier as it provides accurate and detailed feedback on your exposure’s quality.
Perfect Your Exposures With Histogram Tool

Express Your Artistic Vision With Creative Exposure

The medium of photography uses a visual language. Every image you make communicates something - the colors it contains, shapes, the composition - every single element is interpreted by the viewer. Bring life to your artistic ideas and create your unique signature.
Express Your Artistic Vision With Creative Exposure

Learn Photographic Exposure Best Practices

What current students are saying about the course

“Very interesting information, valuable for future referencing and now i better understand the Histogram. my knowledge was very limited before.”

Herman van ZylHerman van Zyl

“Super simple explaining! I loved it! I will subscribe to some of her other courses when I have enough internet signal to do so”

Georgina LomelinGeorgina Lomelin

“I love this teacher. She knows her stuff.”

Baudelio FloresBaudelio Flores

“Wonderful course to push the knowledge about handling exposures ...”

Anbarasan NatarajanAnbarasan Natarajan

“Seems well laid out, and Kasia gives a good description of the basics of the histogram as it relates to your exposure of an image.”

David J MarcovitzDavid J Marcovitz

“I buy courses from many teachers, but in my personal opinion, Kasia Zmokla is simply the best. She's engaging, she is knowledgeable, and she is also very helpful if you need her... I buy all of her courses.”

Sandro CabreraSandro Cabrera

“Loved the course Thank you.”

 Trish Trish

“Nice course, very interesting. Looking forward to take the next step!”

Giuliano CernadaGiuliano Cernada

“Very useful and I learned a lot. Never used histogram, didn't seem functional, but now I can read the graphics better and apprehend how a photo can be improve.”


“Finally! I know how to use histogram :D love this course!”

Triputro Andy PriyonoTriputro Andy Priyono

What's Included

  • • 1 hour of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users


  • 1
    Understand Photographic Exposure
    • Welcome to the Course!
    • Quick Introduction
    • Human Eye vs DSLR - How Do They See The World
  • 2
    Histogram Tool in Action!
    • Your New Best Friend: Histogram
    • Histogram Analysis - Underexposed Image
    • Histogram Analysis - Low Key Image
    • Histogram Analysis - Overexposed Image
    • Histogram Analysis - High Key Image
    • Histogram Analysis - Low Contrast Image
    • Histogram Analysis - Low Contrast Image - Corrected 8 bit vs 16 bit
  • 3
    Get Correct Exposures with The Exposure Triangle
    • The Exposure Triangle
    • The Exposure Triangle: ISO
    • The Exposure Triangle - Shutter Speed
    • The Exposure Triangle - Aperture

Learn Photographic Exposure Best Practices


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