Course Description

This online photo editing course will teach you how to develop your RAW digital negatives in Adobe Camera RAW and enhance further your photos in a seamless way, producing images with impact. Taking full advantage of the data stored in your RAW files allows great level of control and flexibility during the post processing stage.

You Will Learn

  • Visually evaluate an image and set an "action plan" for the edit

  • Create a complete set of Luminosity Masks with Free Photoshop Action

  • Develop a RAW file and prepare it for further post processing in Photoshop

  • Perform adjustments fast with Luminosity Masks

  • Work in a non-destructive way with the use of most powerful Photoshop Tools

Skills You Will Gain

Developing Raw Files In Adobe Camera Raw

Learn the basics of any professional workflow: quick clean up, noise reduction, perspective distortion corrections, chromatic aberration and white balance correction.
Developing Raw Files In Adobe Camera Raw

Fundamental Exposure Blending

Use Luminosity Masks to combine two images into one powerful artwork. Simply download the Luminosity Masks Photoshop Action and with a single click get a full set of pixel-perfect selections.
Fundamental Exposure Blending

Advanced Luminosity Adjustments

Learn how to achieve perfectly balanced image with the help of Photoshop’s most powerful tools: Curves & Select Color Range Tool.
Advanced Luminosity Adjustments

Powerful Color Grading

Apply color grading to enhance emotional impact and create mood in your images. In this course we will work with the Solid Color and Selective Color adjustment layers.
Powerful Color Grading

From Raw to a Perfect Photo - Develop & Process Like a Pro

What current students are saying about the course

“Kasia is without any doubt one of the best teachers in the online course industry.”

Sandro Cabrera Sandro Cabrera

“The instructor is thorough and concise. I learned a lot. Thank you.”

Bobbie SmithBobbie Smith

“Quality delivery and order of presentation is excellent. I appreciate the explanations for each edit, very clear and concise. Looking forward to rest of the course.”

Jim SiriotisJim Siriotis

“Well explained and presented in a logical order.”

Graham SmithGraham Smith

“Very precise step-by-step instruction on what was being done and explanation of why. Having a slight problem with the instructor's accent but otherwise, I like this course.”

Eric DreczkoEric Dreczko

“Kasia is a very knowledgeable instructor. She really helped me to understand luminosity masking and the benefit of using them for complex selections. I would definitely enroll in another one of her courses.”

John McCownJohn McCown

“You make the seemingly impossible possible, thank you.”


“Excellent course!”

Luis Enrique Medina CastilloLuis Enrique Medina Castillo

What's Included

  • • 2.5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF and Raw source files for you to edit along with the videos

  • • Complete Set of Luminosity Masks Photoshop Action


  • 1
    1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2
    2. Developing File in ACR
  • 3
    3. Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop
    • PS: Opening Exposures in 1 Stack
    • PS: Installing and Loading LM Action
    • PS: Creating Set of Luminosity Masks
    • PS: Merging 2 Exposures with LM
    • PS: Shadow Adjustments with Curves
    • PS: Contrast Adjustments with Select Color Range Tool
    • PS: Local Luminosity Adjustments
    • PS: Solid Color Adjustment Layer
    • PS: Selective Color Adjustment Layer
    • PS: Final Touches & Conclusion
  • 4
    4. Resources
    • Download Resources Here

From Raw to a Perfect Photo - Develop & Process Like a Pro


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