Course Description

Capturing extremely light and dark areas in a single image for eye-grabbing results is nearly impossible… unless you know advanced shooting and editing techniques to illuminate otherwise obscured details. This hands-on, comprehensive course requires no former knowledge of HDR to create breathtaking representations of even the most demanding scenes. You’ll quickly get a grasp of the complete process, beginning with the camera’s settings through to capturing the HDR sequence, merging and developing the image. You’ll also learn how to take full advantage of the data stored in the RAW files to produce scenes containing vast luminosity range and strong contrast.

You Will Learn

  • What “dynamic range” is in an image and how to overcome your digital camera’s limitations in creating representations of demanding scenes

  • How to improve and extend dynamic range in your images

  • The best way to take advantage of camera’s overexposure warning feature

  • Leveraging your camera’s Auto Bracketing feature

  • How to take a properly exposed sequence of digital images for an HDR merge

  • Processing and merging the sequence of RAW images into an HDR photo

  • Merging and processing an HDR photo in Adobe Camera RAW

  • Merging and tone mapping an HDR photo in Photomatix

  • Fine tuning your final artwork in Adobe Photoshop

Sharpen Your Skills

Create a Sequence Of Images For HDR Merge

Learn how to shoot a sequence of exposures that will give you the optimum RAW data to create beautiful artwork. Knowing how to combine an HDR merge in post production will give you confidence and peace of mind even when working with demanding lighting conditions.

Creative Color Grading

Create depth and add impact to your artwork by playing with subtle color combinations. Together we’ll explore the possibilities of beautiful color grading with the Selective Color Adjustment Layer in Photoshop.

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Complete Photo Edit: Lower Mustang Region, Nepal

In the hands-on part of the course, you will experience two alternative ways to create an effective and beautiful HDR landscape. We’ll start by working with the Adobe Camera RAW editor, where you’ll learn how to load a complete sequence of files, merge them into a 32 Bit image and perform tone mapping before saving your artwork as TIFF. The second method involves a piece of software dedicated specifically for HDR — Photomatix. You can complete the course using a free trial of the software, which makes the process of HDR merge easy and quick. I will also show you how to perform powerful color adjustments on the final artwork in Photoshop.

We love helping photographers improve their skills

Real Students, Real Results

“I loved it! I was taking photos while seeing the videos, stoping at every minute and trying something new. Great amount of knowledge in a little time.”

Giuliano Cernada

“An exceptional course. Clear and concise. Thank you..”

Bobbie Smith

“This is all new ground for me. I'm learning lots about HDR that I wasn't aware of. The explanations are clear and well put across.”

Nigel Crooks

“I have gained so much knowledge that was delivered in an easy to understand format.Thank you Kasia for your excellent tutoring. I am looking forward to enrolling in more of your courses.”

Pat Archer

“This is very good quality tutorial. And i loved it.”


What's Included

  • • 2 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF and Raw source files for you to edit along with the videos


  • 1
  • 2

    2. Dynamic Range

    • What is Dynamic Range?

    • Dynamic range of human eye vs camera

    • Camera’s metering modes - evaluative vs spot

    • How camera's meter works?

    • Spot metering for the HDR sequence

  • 3

    3. Shooting for HDR

    • Intro

    • HDR sequence shooting checklist

    • 1st Method: Manual Mode and Shutter Speed Adjustment - Part 1

    • 1st Method: Manual Mode and Shutter Speed Adjustment - Part 2

    • 2nd Method: Manual Mode and Auto Bracketing - Part 1

    • 2nd Method: Manual Mode and Auto Bracketing - Part 2

  • 4

    4. HDR Edit in Action

    • Adobe Camera RAW Processing - Part 1

    • Adobe Camera RAW Processing - Part 2

    • Photomatix Processing - Part 1

    • Photomatix Processing - Part 2

  • 5

    5. Resources

    • Download Resources Here


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HDR Photography - The Complete Workflow