Course Description

Adobe’s Lightroom Classic CC is a powerful photo management and photo editing tool that makes importing, organizing, managing, and locating images as snap. Because the software is based on non-destructive workflow, all of the edits are automatically kept in your Lightroom catalog, empowering you with a comprehensive database of edits and history. In this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to use powerful one-click tools and advanced controls to make good shots great by punching up colors, making dull shots vibrant, removing distracting objects, and straightening skewed shots.

You Will Learn

  • The advantages of shooting in RAW format

  • Efficient use the Histogram Tool to improve exposure

  • How to globally organise your photo library

  • Non-destructive workflow with the use of most powerful Lightroom Tools

  • Quick clean-up with Spot Removal Tool

  • Easy ways to perform color adjustments with the HSL panel

  • Targeted tweaks with the Adjustments Brush Tool

  • Best practices to improve the productivity of your workflow

  • How to create a panorama with Photo Merge

Sharpen Your Skills

Streamline Your Work With Lightroom Presets

Speed up your workflow by incorporating your favourite Lightroom Presets into your photo editing process. Learn how to import presets and modify them to your liking, as well as how to save and export your own presets to help make it easier and faster to express yourself in your unique style.

Perfect Your Exposures With Histogram Tool

Learn to expertly evaluate your exposures with the Histogram tool, which makes evaluating your exposures easy and intuitive. The accurate, detailed feedback on your exposure’s quality not only streamlines your process, but it also helps expand your creative vision for stunning results.

Powerful Color Grading

Discover the creative possibilities behind the HSL Panel. With effortless adjustments, you can easily fine-tune hue, saturation and lightness to perfect color in your artwork. You’ll also be able to balance tonality and color to add emotional impact to your images.

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Real Students, Real Results

“I wish I had seen this course before starting to use Lightroom as it would have saved me a load of grief with losing 2 lots of photos. I was on the point of not using Lightroom again, but Kasia goes through how to set up everything to protect your photos and loads more. A big thank you to Kasia, as I now feel a lot more confident with Lightroom”

Kevin OLeary

“I'm a beginner photographer and I did't know Lightroom at all. This course was very clear and helpful and I recommend it to anybody.”

Je Marco Fontana

“I thought I was already familiar with Lightroom but I'm learning new things in this course that weren't in previous courses I've taken.”

Nigel Crooks

“Really enjoyed the class. Probably the best explanation of the Library and Storage I have yet come across. Having toyed with Lightroom in the past, I never fully got to grips with the purpose and power of the library, making silly mistakes along the way. I reckon I have gained enough insight on this course to conquer it once and for all. The other sections were also well covered, showing the possibilities, and allowing us to go play with our new knowledge. Recommend for anyone starting out on their Lightroom journey, and the sooner you do the course the better, so as to get things correct from the start.”

Damien Quirke

“Clear and logical. I also like the slower pace of talking (enough time to comprehend and follow)”


“Great introduction to Lightroom.”

Zach Z

“Kasia is the best. Period.”

Jessica Novillo

“Really good course!”

Heather McWhirter

“Very clear instructions to understand the structure of Lightroom. Thank you!”

Monika Gautschi


Annemarie Clinton

What's Included

  • • 2.5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • RAW source files for you to edit along with the videos

  • • External links to carefully vetted, free Lightroom Presets


  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    Structure your work with Adobe Lightroom CC

  • 3

    The Library Module

    • Library Module overview and photos rating

    • Lightroom CC viewing modes and essential keyboard shortcuts

    • The Paint Tool

    • The Compare View

    • The Survey View

    • How to work with Lightroom Collections

    • The Quick Develop Panel

  • 4

    The Develop Module

    • The Develop Module Overview

    • Lightroom Presets

    • The Histogram Tool

    • The Adjustment Brush Tool

    • The Spot Removal Tool

    • HSL Color Adjustment

    • Exercise: Create a Panorama with Photo Merge Feature. Working files provided!

  • 5

    Thank you!

    • Thank you!

  • 6


    • Download Resources Here


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Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course