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Course description

I have created this course to help you get started with Adobe Lightroom CC. I have noticed that very often students are put off by complexities of Lightroom managing system and that way they are missing out on fantastic editing features available in Lightroom.

I will in a simple to understand way explain how Lightroom works, I cover in detail how to effectively organize your photos with Lightroom and how to backup your work, so you could fully enjoy the creative modules of the application.

Lightroom is a very powerful tool and it is definitely a great idea to at least try it out. Many photographers I know, including myself were working mostly with Photoshop, but once they were introduced properly to LR they shifted their workflow and never looked back!

Take this course and learn what Lightroom CC is and does. 

I will explain in an easy to understand way:

  • how to import and organize your images
  • how to adjust and retouch your photos,
  • and finally how to share your images.

I will talk in detail about Lightroom Presets, I will explain how to work with the Histogram Tool, how to perform color adjustments with the HSL panel and how to create a panorama with new LR feature Photo Merge.

If you want to get striking results with your own work, dive into this course and learn how to globally organise your photo library and  how to massively improve your photos in a non destructive way.

What will I learn?

  • Efficiently organise and edit your photos

  • Learn best practices to improve your workflow

  • Be more productive

What Students say?

"I wish I had seen this course before starting to use lightroom as it would have saved me a load of grief with losing 2 lots of photos. I was on the point of not using lightroom again, but Kasia goes through how to set up everything to protect your photos and loads more. A big thank you to Kasia, as I now feel a lot more confident with Lightroom."  Kevin OLeary


"I'm a beginner photographer and I did't know Lightroom at all. This course was very clear and helpful and I recommend it to anybody."  Je  Marco Fontana


"I thought I was already familiar with Lightroom but I'm learning new things in this course that weren't in previous courses I've taken." Nigel Crooks 


"Very organized, clear, starts at beginning but not repetitive, so I feel that we'll cover a lot." Vera Gillman


"Clear and logical. I also like the slower pace of talking (enough time to comprehend and follow)." Nicola


"Great introduction to lightroom" Zach Z


"Kasia is the best. Period."  Jessica Novillo


"Really good course!"  Heather McWhirter


"Very clear instructions to understand the structure of lightroom. Thank you!"  Monika Gautschi


"Love her courses!"  Annemarie Clinton


  • Kasia Zmokla

    Instructor Bio:

    Kasia is a fine art photographer, designer and video creator with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. She worked full time for design studios in Poland, Ireland and Malta and independently as an artist, photographer and freelance designer for numerous clients around the world. Her work is displayed internationally including the Asia Contemporary Art Gallery in Singapore. Kasia is a founder of Digital Art Classes where she makes complex concepts easy to grasp. She is also an active contributor to several photo stock agencies including Alamy and Stockimo. Born in Poland. She received her formal training at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland and graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in 2003.

    Kasia Zmokla

    Photographer & Educator

    Kasia Zmokla

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction to the Course
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  • 02
    Structure your work with Adobe Lightroom CC
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  • 03
    The Library Module
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    • Library Module overview and photos rating
    • Lightroom CC viewing modes and essential keyboard shortcuts
    • The Paint Tool
    • The Compare View
    • The Survey View
    • How to work with Lightroom Collections
    • The Quick Develop Panel
  • 04
    The Develop Module
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    • The Develop Module Overview FREE PREVIEW
    • Lightroom Presets
    • The Histogram Tool
    • The Adjustment Brush Tool
    • The Spot Removal Tool
    • HSL Color Adjustment
    • Exercise: Create a Panorama with Photo Merge Feature. Working files provided!
  • 05
    Thank you!
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    • Thank you!
  • 06
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