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Course description

This online photo editing course will teach you how to improve your images by mastering photographic exposure and how to enhance your photos further in a seamless way, simply producing stunning images to impress your clients. Taking full advantage of the data stored in your RAW files allows great level of control and flexibility during the post processing stage.

I know it doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed by technical explanations on exposure compensation. However complicated it might sound - believe me, it is pretty straightforward process. It is crucial for any aspiring photographer to know the mechanics behind a good exposure. In this course I will break for you the complex process into small, easy to digest blocks.

The course takes an active, hands-on approach, it covers a complete creative edit of a high quality landscape image. Regardless of what your level of experience is, this in-depth course is designed to teach you professional editing techniques in an easy, approachable way. I will walk you step by step through a complete photo editing workflow, making complex techniques easy to grasp.

Unlike other photography classes that are focusing on "pushing sliders", this course teaches you how to approach your photo editing workflow in a comprehensive way. Behind every successful image stands a strong creative idea, an "action plan". 

With this course I will help you to elevate your work to a new level of professionalism and impact

When you join me in the course you will have at your disposal high quality supporting RAW image to start the course on the spot without time wasted on searching for resources. I provide you with:

  • original RAW file and a high resolution
  • layered TIFF

You can access the supporting files anytime to see the final edit including every single step I have taken to obtain it. 

What will I learn?

  • Set a Correct Exposure in their DSLR camera based on the Exposure Triangle

  • Develop a RAW file and prepare it for further post processing in Photoshop

  • Efficiently use the Histogram Tool to improve the exposure

  • Work in a non-destructive way with the use of most powerful Photoshop Tools

What Students say

"Very straight forward, clear and simple explanation therefore easy to understand and learn. I like the way the course is presented. Thank you." Rudolf Stangl


"The contents of the course is very well explained verbally. It actually deserves 5 stars. However, the choice of pictures to demonstrate effects in some parts is unfortunate. It begins in the sessions on aperture. In this case the light conditions - maybe due to heat/cold variations - are softening the background and therefore reduce sharpness. And the statement that using low aperture values result in high depth of field is not conveyed at all. The same goes for shallow depth of field and the first corresponding picture, in which almost nothing seems to be sharp. In the Camera Raw part some of the corrections do not apply to the chosen image at all. It would have been better to choose different images to show how to correct actually existing issues. So, why 5 stars? Because the slides and the explanation of the topics is simply great and the ideas are conveyed even without proper photo material. I hope that Kasia will improve the course by exchanging some of the pictures with alternatives that are a better fit to demonstrate what she is explaining." Hartmut Wilms 


"For me, Kasia is very descriptive in her teaching and the course material is very easy to understand." Nigel Crooks


"Buenas explicaciones." Erik AP


"On this course, Kasia focuses a lot on the theory part of visual arts, this is a very good educational course and not only a "follow what I do tutorial" ... After taking this course you will have very comprehensive knowledge about the exposure triangle, histogram and RAW image processing. I recommend this course to anyone ... Buy it, you won't regret it ..." Sandro Cabrera


"Great course and very nice step by step approach." Luis Enrique Medina Castillo


"Great course. Very well explained and easy to understand. Thank you." Bobbie Smith


"Good quality, learned lots of fundamentals." Neil Brian Austria


  • Kasia Zmokla

    Instructor Bio:

    Kasia is a fine art photographer, designer and video creator with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. She worked full time for design studios in Poland, Ireland and Malta and independently as an artist, photographer and freelance designer for numerous clients around the world. Her work is displayed internationally including the Asia Contemporary Art Gallery in Singapore. Kasia is a founder of Digital Art Classes where she makes complex concepts easy to grasp. She is also an active contributor to several photo stock agencies including Alamy and Stockimo. Born in Poland. She received her formal training at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland and graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in 2003.

    Kasia Zmokla

    Photographer & Educator

    Kasia Zmokla

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Section 1: Introduction & Resources
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  • 02
    Section 2: Understand Exposure: Histogram & Exposure Triangle
    Show Content
  • 03
    Section 3: Manual Exposure
    Show Content
    • Introduction to the Manual Exposure
    • Metering Modes
    • Manual Exposure Metering
    • How Camera Meter Works
    • Manual Metering and Exposure Compensation
  • 04
    Section 4: Creative Exposure
    Show Content
    • Introduction to the Creative Exposure
    • Creative Exposure - Aperture & Depth Of Field
    • Creative Over & Underexposure
    • Creative Exposure - Shutter Speed & Movement
  • 05
    Section 5: Automatic Exposure Modes
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    • Auto Exposure Modes
    • Exposure Compensation
  • 06
    Section 6: Developing RAW File in Adobe Camera Raw
    Show Content
    • First Things First
    • ACR: Opening RAW File
    • ACR: Fixing Perspective Distortions
    • ACR: Noise Correction
    • ACR: Chromatic Aberration Correction
    • ACR: Contrast Adjustments
    • ACR: Color Adjustments - Split Toning
    • ACR: Selective Adjustments
    • ACR: Saving Work
  • 07
    Section 7: Polishing the Edit in Adobe Photoshop
    Show Content
    • Quick Intro to Photoshop Edit FREE PREVIEW
    • PS: Local Luminosity Adjustments
    • PS: Local Detail Enhancement
    • PS: Contrast Enhancement
    • PS: Color Enhancement
    • PS: Luminosity & Vibrance Adjustments
    • PS: Adding a Vignette
    • PS: Final Touches & Conclusion
  • 08
    Show Content
    • Download Resources Here

Mastering Photographic Exposure - Learn the Fundamentals


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