Course Description

This online photo editing course will teach you how to improve your images by mastering photographic exposure, with insider tips on how to enhance your photos further in a seamless way. You’ll learn how to take full advantage of the data stored in your RAW files to optimise your images with control and flexibility. Because technical explanations of exposure compensation may seem complicated, we make it simple and straightforward for you to master the mechanics behind a good exposure by presenting the process to you in small, easy to digest blocks.

You Will Learn

  • How to use the exposure triangle to set a correct exposure in your DSLR camera

  • Key adjustments to the aperture settings in order to create your desired depth of field

  • Setting the shutter speed to introduce “motion blur” or freeze the movement

  • Efficient use the Histogram tool to improve the exposure

  • How to set the ISO for optimal image quality

  • Best practices to develop your RAW files and prepare them for further post processing in Photoshop

  • Pro tips for how to work in a targeted way with Adjustment Layers, Masks and Layers’ Blend Modes

Sharpen Your Skills

Perfect Your Exposures With Histogram Tool

Know the difference between a “low-key” and an underexposed image. You’ll easily grasp the nuances through in-depth explanations followed by photo examples, making evaluating your exposures with the Histogram tool simple and intuitive. You’ll be thrilled with how much easier it makes your life by providing accurate, detailed feedback on your exposure’s quality.

Discover The Exposure Triangle

Learning how to balance the three fundamental components of exposure — shutter speed, aperture and ISO — will forever transform your photography skills. Understanding this simple concept will help you to create a solid foundation and will allow you to take your work to the next level.

Non-Destructive Workflow

Learn how to combine masks and adjustment layers to maintain flexibility in your artistic process as you achieve stunning results. In no time you’ll be able to create alternative versions of one photo, or revisit your artwork in the future to bring new ideas to life with a just a few minor adjustments.

Express Your Artistic Vision With Creative Exposure

The medium of photography uses a visual language, and exposure is what gives it resonance and impact. Every aspect of your images communicates something — the colors it contains, shapes, the composition — and exposure can help you eloquently express your unique signature and overall artistic ideas to your audience.

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Complete Photo Edit: Lower Mustang Region, Nepal

You’ll dive into the art of exposure by following the step-by-step instruction on how to use Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop to develop and transform the original RAW file into beautiful, effective artwork. You’ll also see how to maximize your use of Adobe’s RAW Editor and discover how to perform luminosity adjustments, enhance local detail, add contrast and work with color. Once you’ve prepped the RAW files, you’ll then move over to Photoshop to fine tune the image and create dramatic, impactful artwork.

We love helping photographers improve their skills

Real Students, Real Results

“Very straight forward, clear and simple explanation therefore easy to understand and learn. I like the way the course is presented. Thank you.”

Rudolf Stangl

“For me, Kasia is very descriptive in her teaching and the course material is very easy to understand.”

Nigel Crooks

“On this course, Kasia focuses a lot on the theory part of visual arts, this is a very good educational course and not only a "follow what I do tutorial" ... After taking this course you will have very comprehensive knowledge about the exposure triangle, histogram and RAW image processing. I recommend this course to anyone ... Buy it, you won't regret it ...”

Sandro Cabrera

“Great course and very nice step by step approach.”

Luis Enrique Medina Castillo

“Great course. Very well explained and easy to understand. Thank you.”

Bobbie Smith

“Good quality, learned lots of fundamentals.”

Neil Brian Austria

What's Included

  • • 3.5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF and Raw source files for you to edit along with the videos


  • 1
  • 2

    Section 2: Understand Exposure: Histogram & Exposure Triangle

  • 3

    Section 3: Manual Exposure

    • Introduction to the Manual Exposure

    • Metering Modes

    • Manual Exposure Metering

    • How Camera Meter Works

    • Manual Metering and Exposure Compensation

  • 4

    Section 4: Creative Exposure

    • Introduction to the Creative Exposure

    • Creative Exposure - Aperture & Depth Of Field

    • Creative Over & Underexposure

    • Creative Exposure - Shutter Speed & Movement

  • 5

    Section 5: Automatic Exposure Modes

    • Auto Exposure Modes

    • Exposure Compensation

  • 6

    Section 6: Developing RAW File in Adobe Camera Raw

    • First Things First

    • ACR: Opening RAW File

    • ACR: Fixing Perspective Distortions

    • ACR: Noise Correction

    • ACR: Chromatic Aberration Correction

    • ACR: Contrast Adjustments

    • ACR: Color Adjustments - Split Toning

    • ACR: Selective Adjustments

    • ACR: Saving Work

  • 7

    Section 7: Polishing the Edit in Adobe Photoshop

    • Quick Intro to Photoshop Edit

    • PS: Local Luminosity Adjustments

    • PS: Local Detail Enhancement

    • PS: Contrast Enhancement

    • PS: Color Enhancement

    • PS: Luminosity & Vibrance Adjustments

    • PS: Adding a Vignette

    • PS: Final Touches & Conclusion

  • 8


    • Download Resources Here


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