Course Description

The secret of creating striking portraits lies in natural-looking, seamless manipulation. Through hands-on work using five unique portrait edits, you’ll take a dive-deep into portraiture specific adjustments such as skin, body shape, eyes and hair enhancements. You’ll also learn how to work with light to create depth and intrigue in your images. Together we’ll study the way your subject is affected by light and its direction, and explore how advanced photo editing techniques can significantly enhance the the balance and beauty in your work.

You Will Learn

  • Easy ways to fix common issues including "flat" images, washed out sky, eyes obscured by shadow, low contrast, and lack of definition, details and/or texture

  • How to artfully perform basic clean up on your subject's skin

  • Useful techniques to pick out details and, in an intelligent way, sharpen selected areas in your photo

  • Masterful techniques to get the most out of Photoshop’s powerful adjustment tool, Curves

  • How to work with masks and seamlessly blend them

  • An efficient and quick workflow based on Adjustment Layers

  • A few simple steps to to apply targeted adjustments to make major improvements to your images

  • The best way to increase distinction in your portraits and add drama

  • “Non-destructive" techniques that will further enhance your images

Sharpen Your Skills

Non-Destructive Workflow

Learn how to combine masks and adjustment layers to achieve your creative vision while at the same time maintaining tremendous flexibility. You’ll be able to create alternative versions of one photo in no time, or revisit your artwork in the future to bring new ideas to life with just a handful of strategic adjustments.
Non-Destructive Workflow

Essential Portrait Enhancements

Establish a solid base for any portraiture edit by first performing a quick clean-up and body shape correction with the Liquify tool, and then a background fix with the Stamp tool. You’ll immediately add impact to your portraits by bringing up the detail in the frame, including hair texture enhancement and intelligent eyes brightening.
Essential Portrait Enhancements

Counter Balance the Visual Weight

Learn how to increase the distinction between your subject and the background. Draw your viewers into the frame and add a strong visual punch to get their attention. By bringing up the textures in the environment, you’ll create more dramatic, effective artwork.
Counter Balance the Visual Weight

Master the Classic “S”-Shaped Curve

Discover this extremely useful technique to target flat areas in your images. You’ll learn how to quickly and precisely add contrast to the scene. And you’ll also experience how to gain more control of your light and shadow contrast by combining “S”-Curve with Layers and Masks.
Master the Classic “S”-Shaped Curve

Low Key Portrait Technique

Play with balancing shadows and lights to build a moody, nostalgic atmosphere. You’ll work with complementary colors to create subtle grading with Curves, and discover how to inject a desired shade into selected luminosity ranges.
Low Key Portrait Technique

Recompose Your Scenes

Explore recomposing your frames so you can get your desired canvas ratio. And get creative by cropping images shot in portrait orientation to square, or recreate missing background elements to achieve a more compelling and seamless composition.
Recompose Your Scenes

Complete workflows using real-life examples train you for better results in your own work

Learn by Doing

Five Complete Fine Art Portrait Workflows

Follow the complete start-to-finish portraiture edits and expand your artistic skill set exponentially. In the course, you’re encouraged to fully immerse yourself in the creative process — starting with the basic corrections, on to beautifully balancing lights and shadows and finally, to expert ways to finish your artwork with stylish, desaturated colors. This hands-on training allows you to truly master the skills necessary for refined, nuanced portrait photography, so you can bring your own work to the next level.
Five Complete Fine Art Portrait Workflows

We love helping photographers improve their skills

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“For me personally, the course is very enjoyable and useful. New techniques for working with photos on tools that have not used a show as much and quickly you can do in Photoshop. Besides often I wondered how to achieve the effect of the pictures, which are very good here described.”

Adam PopielAdam Popiel

“Excellent instructor easy to understand and follow.”

Frederic BellFrederic Bell

“Simply amazing, wow the power of curves, this is the course I have been looking for. Thumbs up.”


“She makes sure to consistently reiterate the steps she is taking in each edit. She also tells you what keyboard shortcuts to use, which I find helpful. It's an excellent hands on experience for familiarising yourself with some photoshop technique.”

Joseph OliverJoseph Oliver

“I learned some new things that will help my workflow go much faster. Like keyboard shortcuts, and working with curves. I would definitely recommend this course to a fellow photographer who's looking to enhance their images.”

Michael GreeneMichael Greene

“Although I have been editing with Photoshop for a long time, the technique used is very interesting! Loved it.”

Jorald HartoonianJorald Hartoonian

“I am learning a lot! Thank you so much for this course.”

Saphia AlshaibiSaphia Alshaibi

“This is a phenomenal course. As a complete beginner, the explanations given are very clear, and I am learning the skills to use photoshop by doing. I am so glad I purchased this course!”

Elizabeth GreenElizabeth Green

“I have bought 3 courses from Kasia and I can honestly say I have learned more than than I ever expected. I have just finished this course and will watch it again and do the exercises along with Kasia. I feel it has helped me understand not only the way to get great portraits but as a beginner in photoshop it has helped a lot of things I didn't understand come together”

Kevin OLearyKevin OLeary

“Awesome content and very nice step by step approach.. The instructor without wasting any time gives exactly the right amount of information.”

Konstantinos KalogerakisKonstantinos Kalogerakis

“I have just completed this the second course presented by Kasia. I have viewed many a tutorial online and quickly have lost interest, but following Kasias' courses I have been engaged from the introductions to the conclusions of the courses. Thank you so much for yet another fantastic course from which I have learnt a lot and continue to improve my understanding of, and applying post processing techniques in Photo Shop to enhance my images to closely reveal my pre-visualisation thereof. Your teaching style, patience and the ability to make what may seem difficult, seem so easy is just what I needed. I look forward to more of your courses. Thanks again and best regards, Patrick.”

Patrick CummingsPatrick Cummings

“Really learned a lot from here.”

Zifeng Michael ZhengZifeng Michael Zheng

“Really enjoying it so far. The explanations are easy to follow and at just the right pace. I've watched a lot of tutorials on youtube and so far this is the easiest and clearest tutorial I've tried....looking forward to the rest of the course!”

 Adam Isfendiyar Adam Isfendiyar

“I love the class, the instructor is clear, precise and knowledgeable in photography, photoshop and art. Just what I've been looking for. I also love that she has included the project photos to follow along. Excellent course.”

Annette AlexanderAnnette Alexander

“Very clear explanations about when and how to use tools and techniques. Learnt a lot about colour and tone adjustments.”

Mark MastersMark Masters

“Porque até o momento, as instruções são úteis, relativamente fáceis de aprender e de serem executadas na prática.”

Beto RoaBeto Roa

“Great. Thanks Kasia.”

Jessica NovilloJessica Novillo

“Great, clear instruction. Learned a lot, honestly really glad I made this purchase. I can't wait to put into action what I've learned already in such a short time. One of the best teachers I have had on this platform. I was able to take what I learned in this class and apply it to my work. Great course!”

Zach ZZach Z

“Great techniques, well explained thank u for a wonderful course :)”


“The best course I have taken so far, I am so excited to learn more.”

Seth BellSeth Bell

What's Included

  • • 5 hours of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users

  • • High resolution TIFF files for you to edit along with the videos

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2
    2. Step By Step Portrait Edit Tutorial - Simona
  • 3
    3. Step By Step Portrait Edit Tutorial - Kim
    • Edit Overview
    • Preparing the Base - Quick clean up
    • Removing "halo" from the image
    • Black and White Conversion
    • Basic contrast adjustments with the "S" shaped Curve
    • Global light adjustments - the sky & foreground
    • Enhancements in precisely selected area - the branch
    • Enhancements in precisely selected area - the dress
    • Final touches and sharpening
  • 4
    4. Step By Step Portrait Edit Tutorial - Josefine
    • Edit Overview
    • Preparing the Base - Quick clean up
    • Correcting model's shape with the Liquify Filter
    • Black and White Conversion
    • Basic contrast adjustments with the "S" shaped Curve
    • Enhancing the eyes FREE PREVIEW
    • Introducing highlights in the hair
    • Final enhancements of the face
    • Background adjustments
    • Final touches and sharpening
  • 5
    5. Step By Step Portrait Edit Tutorial - Charles
    • Edit Overview
    • Preparing the Base - Quick clean up
    • Black and White Conversion
    • Face enhancements
    • Adjusting the key element - flowers
    • Introducing highlights in the hair
    • Adding subtle color tint to the image
    • Final touches and sharpening
  • 6
    6. Step By Step Portrait Edit Tutorial - Chris
    • Edit Overview
    • Preparing the Base - Quick clean up
    • Black and White Conversion
    • Basic contrast adjustments with the "S" shaped Curve
    • Adjusting light on model's face
    • Enhancing the eyes
    • Changing the canvas size to square
    • Introducing color hint to the image
    • Final touches and sharpening
    • Thank you!
  • 7
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