"This course helped me create some incredibly moody, and magazine ready style Pictures.

“Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques”

I'm very happy I purchased this course and will likely look into more of her courses as she is incredibly detailed and literally just edits 5 portraits through the process you learn to edit in her work flow which is very simple but gives great results." Victor M Paz Jr

"I find this course one of the most valuable courses I have taken so far on Udemy.

“Photoshop CC: Digital Art Pro Techniques - Become an Artist”

It is not only instruction, but also a great eye and mind opener for someone who, like me, knows the basic ins and outs of Photoshop and is thinking "what now?". The artistic elements presented along with the workflow are so inspiring that they made me take notes of my own ideas ignited with almost every next step of the creative process. Yes, it is a truly creative block breaking course. One note: if you're new to Photoshop, start with Lecture 1, if you know how it works, read the curriculum carefuly, download assets, and jump straight ahead where the fun begins (Section 8). If it turns out you don't quite get something, then you can refer to one of the previous lectures since Kasia describes in detail everything she does and uses. This is the second course by Kasia that I have completed, "Dramatic Black and White Photography..." being the first of them, and I am more than satisfied with what and how I've learned from both of them. Great job, Kasia! Highly recommended!" Robert Cwik

"A deep tour with the color theory and black&white conversion.

“Dramatic Black and White Photography in the Digital Age”

Well discussed concepts, clear english audio. Several tool can be used for different workflow and good guide for masking and layers. Many examples of complete post processing from source colour image to a black and white converted image. I'm very happy to complete this course, so I can do a b&w conversion much better. 5 stars!!!" Sergio Pedone

"One of the most professionally presented courses I have taken.

“Master the Art of Colouring Black and White Photographs”

The style is such that the presenter really could be sitting right next to you and gently discussing and demonstrating the possibilities you now have before you. Inspirational. The set of pre-recorded actions will provide confidence for the beginner." Brian George

"Step by step Kasia shows exactly how to accomplish the technique I was expecting I'd learn.

“Master Photoshop Light Effects & Style Your Images”

Lens flare technique was easy to follow along and do on my own. I couldn't ask for anything more!" LuAnn Thatcher

"I have bought 3 courses off Kasia and I can honestly say I have learned more than than I ever expected.

“Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques”

I have just finished this course and will watch it again and do the exercises along with Kasia. I feel it has helped me understand not only the way to get great portraits but as a beginner in photoshop it has helped a lot of things I didn't understand come together." Kevin OLeary

Best theoretical explanation of how channels underly luminosity masks.

“Master Your Portraits with Luminosity Masks in Photoshop”

It has made all of the videos and courses I have watched suddenly make sense. The first few sessions are just what I needed to do more than watch videos. I expect to be able to use luminosity masks effectively by the end of this course." Phillip Ziegler

"I have viewed many a tutorial online and quickly have lost interest, but following Kasia's courses I have been engaged from the introductions to the conclusions of the courses.

“Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques”

Thank you so much for yet another fantastic course from which I have learnt a lot and continue to improve my understanding of, and applying post processing techniques in Photo Shop to enhance my images to closely reveal my previsualisation thereof. Your teaching style, patience and the ability to make what may seem difficult, seem so easy is just what I needed. I look forward to more of your courses." Patrick Cummings

"I've learnt a lot especially on the dodge and burn

“Master Color in Photoshop CC”

which were a complete mystery before. I've also learnt about the brushes, the curve layers, organising them into folders, how to reveal a layer, plus how to re-brush with the reverse effect to undo areas I'd overdone." John Wilson

"This is a first rate class.

“Photoshop CC: Digital Art Pro Techniques - Become an Artist”

I'm a lapsed PS user and find the PS review extremely useful. Good information, well presented, and relevant. The class covers the process, tools and techniques used to make the kind of creative multilayered images as shown in the class image. Very well presented: clear and understandable for a lapsed PS user like myself. Will be taking more classes from Kasia." Jondavid Flood

"Excellent course!

“Design a unique bookstore-quality Photo Book with Blurb”

After this course I was able to work with Bookwright and create my own photo book. Couldn't be more pleased with the course. Thank you!" Debbie Morrison